How is the Time Schedule of Elon Mask and how does he survive it?

Have you ever wondered about the time schedule of Elon Musk who is enormously successful in doing amazing and innovative work?

Elon Musk is considered as one of the most notable inventors and dreamers of 21st century who aspires to inhabit Mars and make the world a better place. This genius is the founder and CEO of SpaceX ,Tesla and SolarCity which are enormously successful with futuristic vision. He is also the lead Engineer and designer of both Tesla and SpaceX. So it can be understood that how is be the work schedule of Musk which makes him enormously successful.

Sometimes he is called, Alien because of his futuristic vision which is often watched on movies and read in science fictions. His another company called “Nuralink” announced a product that will connect human brain to computer to have a super human cognition. So behind all these, he has to put enormous effort for so many hyper realistic concepts to bring into reality. But managing time for all these fiction like technology is not easy. So how does he manage the time?

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpeceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future” A book written by Ashlee Vance has revealed Musk’s unique time schedule and some weird facts and habits about him. The book called Musk’s time management as ‘preposterous’. His typical week starts at his mansion at Bel Air, Los Angeles, California. On Monday he works entire day at SpeceX and Tuesday he starts at SpeceX but fly to Silicon Valley on that very day by his own jet to work at Tesla in Palo Alto where The Tesla headquarter is. He has to move from the office to the Tesla factory quite often at Fremont which is 16km away from the office. He spends a couple of days at Tesla and again he rush to SpaceX on Thursday. During his stay in Silicon Valley he lives either in Rosewood Hotel or any Friends house because he does not own any house in San Francisco. The book also says that his assistant has to email asking “room for one” and if the friend says ‘yes’ then he appears late at night, plays video games and often sleeps in couch.

He has five children’s and has to pay much attention to them too. He stays four days in Los Angeles and gives his boys most of the holidays if no shows or interviews. He also has an unique five minutes slots for other works like email, social media, etc which helps him to manage all the work more efficiently. The writer asked him how does he survive the work schedule and he replied “I had a tough childhood, so maybe that was helpful.”

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