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Adam and Eve under the tree of knowledge


I fall from a cliff with a clue, That I did something dusty for my organic Eden-flu. But I never felt, it will possess me through. My sinful heart often tears out shameful glue. For what I have...
the portrait of Venus with her companion

​Whisper of Venus

The Monarch of the day is plummeting in the western horizon. The Queen of the night will soon be blushing in the dark silence. At this peaceful moment, Often Venus whispers my unplugged heart. That I had an...
a light house in the dark seaside

A Dark Lighthouse

Spectra of sharp lights from dark lighthouse, Brightens everything up front of my eyes. The light that pumps courage, Plants uncertain hope to a spinning destiny, Seems to me a bright black hole. Enlightened foots rooted in the ground, Shackled...