Communitarianism and Identity Crisis: Where Does the Liberal Multiculturalism Ends?

Communitarianism and Identity Crisis: Where Does the Liberal Multiculturalism Ends?

Liberal multiculturalism developed based on the work of Charles Taylor and Will Kymlicka has set itself the objective of defending the rights of socially discriminated minorities and of promoting community diversity. This...
The plague of plastic In Europe, Illegal Dumping Have Become Common

New Plague: In Europe, Illegal Plastic Dumping Have Become Common

One of the great problems generated by the massive consumption of plastic materials is that of the tons that accumulate in the oceans and that remain for decades without their destruction being...
Donald Trump Threatened for Apocalypse If He Does Not Win

Donald Trump Threatened Apocalypse If He Does Not Win

The president of chaos, Donald Trump has threatened apocalypse if he does not win at the polls on December 3. After despising and skirting around the law, as well as sowing disorder...
Be Cautious, In Egypt, Dancing on Tiktok Can Put You to Jail

Be Cautious, In Egypt, Dancing on Tiktok Can Put You in Jail

This is the first time in Egypt since 2018, the law supposed to fight against cybercrime. Five women who became famous thanks to social networks, were sentenced to two years in prison on July 27. A...
Donald trump and US Hegemony

Donald Trump’s New Election Campaign: “America First” and Uninhibited Hegemony

Rejection of multilateralism, aggressive strategic competition, trade wars, nationalism, questioning of traditional alliances and the commitments of his predecessor: Donald Trump has decided to revolutionize American politics and diplomacy.
Effects of Climate change on Biodiversity

The Severe Effects of climate change on Biodiversity

When we talk about climate change, we mean climate change on a global scale, over time. And how do we know that there was variation in the characteristics of a...
India China border clash

Is India-China Border War is a Navigation for World War IV?

From attending to weapons, these have been maneuvers for the future war, according to the famous premonition of Albert Einstein, repentant of his nuclear fervor to stop Nazism: "I do not know...
simple action to reduce global warming

6 Simple Actions from Individuals Can Reduce Global Warming

In order to fight global warming, the world’s richest nations constantly organize summits, sign agreements, and invest millions of Euros so that we can secure our and our upcoming generation’s future.
Chinese investment and neocolonialism in Africa

Chinese Investment in Africa and the Beginning of New Colonialism_

Being the largest economic power in the world, China has been investing everywhere and recently Africa has become the biggest investment zone despite knowing potential risks. Chinese investment in the African region,...
India vilifying Muslims for Corona Spread

India Vilifying Muslims in Connection to Spreading COVID-19_

The present Indian government is already critical about the 200 million Indian Muslims and the Corona Virus has turned the situation even much bitter. The news media, police and politicians all...
Venice During corona

A Lasting Positive Effect of COVID-19 on Environment_

The deadly Pandemic COVID-19 has struck the world pretty hard and forced into a global lockdown. It is sending thousands of people to graveyards every day. Not to doubt that Corona...
US military US-Iran War

Is US Using COVID-19 to Cover the Escalation of War with Iran?

The CoronaVirus-19 has taken over the world and despite the terrific uproar of the Pandemic, the US may raise war against its long-standing middle-eastern foe, Iran. Due to the on-going tragic...
Bill Barr is denying Donald Trump over Ukraine call

Trump Failed Badly Commanding US Attorney General Barr

Donald Trump might be the most annoying and disgusting US president ever. With countless accusation over sexual harassment, policy fabrication and foreign election interference, he has always been in media discussion. 
Ecosia web front page

A Search Engine That Plants Tree

Ecosia plants tree in many countries and contributing toward a sustainable green world. Tree plantation is an inevitable initiative to take to save the world and one tech...
Scott Harrison charity: Water

One Man’s Initiative: Clean Water for 8.5 Million People

Clean Water is the most vital element for a healthy living and almost 844 million people lack clean water. Most of the African and Asian countries are suffering from various diseases for the lack...
Ram Madav and RSS indian map

Indian RSS Ideology: Existence of Pakistan and Bangladesh on their Map of Akkhand Bharat?

Since its establishment Indian RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) became one of the largest Hindu religious organizations in the world. Popularity of this hard line Hindu extremist organization is continuously growing among Hindu nationalists. But...
Trump- alen-stormy

US President Donald Trump Sextualy Assaulted More than 23 Women.

US President is accused of sexual assault for 23 times but never been punished? Until now 23 women have accused Donald Trump for being Sexually assaulted between 1970 to 2018. The US president Donald Trump is...
Netanyahu showing Iran's New Nuclear Warehouse using props

Israeli PM revealed, Iran’s New Nuclear Site in UN Assembly, A Bluff or Truth?

United Nations 73rd General Assembly has focused many progresses of international politics and many tough things been said throughout the session. But Iran has been the only focus for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu...
Chomsky giving speech

Famous People Who are Banned in Israel and Why?

Israel is the most restricted place in the world not only for Palestinian but also for Muslims and many famous intellectuals who criticizes its brutal and barbaric Zionist vision. Ever since its existence, the...
Rohingya women with child in sea

How Much is The Rohingya Crisis Affecting Bangladesh?

According to the report of United Nations, more than 1 million Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh due the ethnic cleansing of Myanmar government but the real scenario is beyond that. This massive influx is...