Why do Men Suffer Worse Than Women in Breakup?

Some relationships end in violent arguments, others in tears, and some are in contests of insults. In short, a breakup is never very beautiful and it can be harder to bear than the bonus performances.

That said, let’s face it, some relationships are not built to last and a good break-up often avoids an even bigger catastrophe in the future. So when a relationship reaches its terminus, who best manages the breakup?

The answer is clear: women. Several studies show that men are more frequently prone to post-rupture anxiety and depression than women. Certainly, men like to play hard after a breakup, but in reality, this attitude often masks deep despair.

Many men go through long periods when the hope of recovering an ex becomes their only obsession.

Men Hide Their Pain

When a guy gets dumped, his first reaction is: “I’m going to show her that I have no trouble living without her”. In front of the drink plans with the friends or on the contrary, the “fair play” approach: we thank our ex for the great moments spent together and we leave her with a big smile.

These two reactions are actually identical: just a way to hide your feelings. Men fail to admit being angry, hurting or cockroaching because of a breakup. It is only after this initial reaction, which sounds very false, that the basic man begins to mourn his relationship.

Women, in general, will empty boxes of ice-cream or chocolate and in doing so express their true emotions. Women tackle their post-rupture depression head-on and get rid of it all the faster.

On the contrary, men tend to suppress their negative emotions. They do not evacuate them and keep them in them, nagging and ready to resurface at any time.

Men Have Lower Confidants

If women recover faster from a breakup, it is also because they have many people to confide in. They will easily get the support they need from family and friends.

From her mother to her best friend to her hairdresser, the more she can tell the world how her ex was a loser, the better she will be.

Conversely, a man mostly depends on his partner / girlfriend for emotional intimacy and comfort. He will then have no choice but to keep his moods and emotions for himself.

He will prefer to convince himself that everything is fine and that it is better like that … Until 6 months later, at 3 am and after a dozen drinks, he admits to his friends that he is still in love with his ex.

Men Hate Restarting Relationships

After a breakup, a man is going to be very enthusiastic about meeting lots of new women. But after two, three, ten (for the most gifted) date with other women, he realizes that it will take time before finding the complicity and comfort he had with one ex.

This emotional security that the relationship provided him misses him and in general at this time, the man realizes the luck he had to be with his beautiful (however this emotional security is far from being sufficient reason for stay in a relationship!).

According to several studies, women are better prepared for a breakup because they consider this possibility during the relationship. While the man still understands the consequences of his breakup, the woman has already moved on!

Men Idealize Celibacy

Always the same restaurants, the same arguments, repetitive sex … Often, after a while, a man begins to get bored in his relationship.
From then on, he begins to think that if he were single, he would certainly be sleeping with lots of pretty models, living totally free and partying every night with his friends.

After the breakup, he quickly realized, however, that celibacy did not at all resemble the life of Hugh Hefner. He realizes that the nightclub trips until 6 a.m. do not replace the happiness of intimacy and this rediscovered freedom is quickly tinged with disappointment.

Conversely, the woman does not idealize this free electron life and is more aware of the value of a couple of relationships. At the time of the breakup, his more realistic vision prevents him from further disappointment.

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