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Eastern Pot Bodna

Ode on the Bodna

By Kamruzzaman Saif Nowadays it is left somewhere in the brink dry, trim, unused and gloriously inelegant, settled on a lethargic horizontal rounded bum, and content with the circled bulging tummy with a spouted single...
a beautiful lady conrad kiesel


Señorita, Ocean of joy pops up on the edge of your lips, Flood of words forks over your fearless tongue. When you blink your dark enduring eyes, Shadows immediately hides in lights. But those dark eyes are oceans of...
Man checking wallet

Middle Class Dignity

Man in suit with pale, anxious face, Takes one step ahead, half step behind, Like the horse of Exodus, Following the command to jump into Neil. The clock on the wall, Tick-tocks with infinite melody. Forks crushes, spoon feeds, And waiters...