How To Be Happy: Modesty and Broken Pattern Bring Happiness

How to be happy?

This is one of the most unresolved questions of this century.

If you are also searching for this answer, be sure that you are not alone. There are millions of people who are searching about happiness on google every day.

Presently, a lot of people complain that they are leading an afflicted life. And the percentage is getting high uninterruptedly due to rapid urbanization. Besides, there are more reasons to become frustrated and depressed. It can be unhealthy lifestyle and relationship or work pressure. When this is the situation, we need some principles in our life. So that we can lead a happy life despite everything.

How to Be Happy Despite Any Odds  

Though the list of principles goes on and on yet here are some of the tips to maintain a balanced and happy life.

Break The Pattern of Your Life

Have you ever tried to live your days differently than you always live? According to psychiatrists, every individual follows a certain pattern and unlikely to break them thinking that something different will happen.

Well you might be living a very luxurious life. Maybe you don’t have any fundamental crisis in life. Yet you might become really unhappy. To say it shortly, a robotic life can never make you happy. For example, most of us wake up in the morning, do breakfast and move toward office and after office we come back home. And when it happens repeatedly, it means you are living a monotonous life.  Well going to office is not the problem here rather holding on to the same schedule is utterly boring.

So according to me, if you can break the pattern of this life cycle, how would it be? What I am proposing here, sometimes you meet friends after office. Maybe you might go for a coffee alone or even take a different road to come back home. When you live your life in a different way that is really going to help you getting out of patterned lifestyle.   

Lead a Modest Life

What I believe, modesty is one of the most fundamental principles for ultimate happiness. According to several studies, those who are leading modest life, they are happier than those who are maintaining an immodest lifestyle. Even Einstein’s theory of happiness confirms that modesty is very important for leading a happy life. It is pretty obvious that immodesty causes disrespect from society. Moreover, it hampers our daily life. Immodesty may refer to how you dress, how you treat other people or how you maintain your lifestyle. For example: people those who do drugs, gets more paranoid with the unhealthy lifestyle. They may feel that alcohol or any other types of drugs make them relax during their bad time. But this is pushing them to more unhappy and unhealthy situation.      

Believe That We Have an Obligation to Be Happy

Let say we have thousands of reasons to feel sad or become unhappy. Because this world is incredibly horrifying, so you have to remain or pretend to be happy. Think in a different perspective, world is full of mystery, horrible incidents are taking place in all over the world. From solar system to your body, everything is critical to understand so does your life. Remind yourself that there are people who are losing their loved one, there are people who are losing their job, getting sick with uncurable diseases. Millions of people have been displaced recently, millions have died out of bloody war. So, try to understand that everyone on this earth have numerous reasons to be unhappy. It is understandable that may be your situation is not good or you are feeling that other people are in good condition. You should never put things this way rather you get to believe that maybe someone is suffering from more horrible matter than yours. So, if you think this way, you actually have an obligation to be happy because you have no control over odds in your life. Considering that whatever the situation is, you must be happy and to do that you get to avoid everything in the world. 

Be Transparent to Close People

Transparent relationship with close people may help you becoming happy. The present generation is more hopeless than any other generations passing by. And one of the reasons is they do not maintain good relationship with their parents and relatives. They don’t even talk openly to their parents and pretends that they don’t have enough time. On the other hand, one partner is less expressive to another. They don’t share their secrets. This way one partner becomes suspicious to another. Due to less communication to family members, secrets remain secrets and we suffer from within. So, to keep a balanced life we must share our problems and secrets with close people because in return you will get comfort from them. Besides, when you are clear about your life to others, you are always out of fear of getting caught.   

Listen to Your Own Instinct

How many of us are regretting for not doing something that we always wanted to do? I guess a lot of people regret in one way or another. So, before you regret, you must follow your own instinct. We all are born with some innate capability and we all have affection for different things. So, if you really want to be happy for entire life, you must believe and follow your own instinct. Choosing career path is one of the most important work in life. So, it is obvious that if you chose a wrong path, regret is inevitable. So, to be successful and lead a happy life, you must consider to believe your inner instinct and move forward accordingly.

Act Stupid When You Need

It is proved that stupid act makes people happier than wise acts and there is enough reason behind it. Most of the creative people act stupid sometimes because those acts make them happy. Wise people think about a thing many folds or in many perspectives while stupid people see them either in a funny way or serious way. Sometimes they act stupid despite knowing that other people may laugh. But this should not bother you. Rather you must act as you wish to act and if that makes you happy, nothing matters. But make sure no body gets hurt.  

Stop Comparing to Others

Comparison is an ultimate destroyer of happiness. Sometimes we consciously or unconsciously compare our life to others. Though we don’t know what they are going through. They might look very happy or healthy apparently. What if it is quite the opposite? So, stop comparing to others rather you focus on your own. It is not a wise move for any one to end up comparing. As human we have a strange nature of comparison. Sometimes we compare because others are not doing well in their life which we call pride. On the other hand, we compare us with others who are doing well in their life which we call complain. So, any kind of comparison is a waste of our mental energy. Eventually, comparison doesn’t bring anything rather brings depression.   

Stay Connected to Family And Friends

Complete loneliness is killer of happiness. For obvious reasons, if you are not connected to family and good friends, you will become unhappy for sure. When we feel helpless who do we go for comfort? Family and friends. Doesn’t matter who do you live with. Maybe you live with your wife or girlfriend. In some point of your life you will be depressed. Sometimes relationship doesn’t go well. So, parents are the last point of peace along with good friends. Because in these types of relationship have very less expectation. Even if you are not connected to family, your mind will take you there sometimes. Because you did not have connection that will also make you unhappy.  

To conclude, we can really be happy if we can follow certain principles. It is not something that we have to buy rather we have gain it. If your happiness wins over your sadness then you are happy. And to do so, you must break the monotonous lifestyle and live everyday differently. Moreover, be modest all the time which will make you feel comfortable in every situation. Keeping good connection with family and friends will also help you becoming happy. And last but not the least believe that you have an obligation to be happy.  

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