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40 Best Selling Books of All Time and Their Brief Synopsis

Bestselling books are often considered as classics due to timeless characterization and narrative style. Though all the best-selling books are not classics yet they...

Ode on the Bodna

By Kamruzzaman SaifNowadays it is left somewhere in the brink dry, trim, unused and gloriously inelegant, settled on a lethargic horizontal rounded bum, and...
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Señorita, Ocean of joy pops up on the edge of your lips, Flood of words forks over your fearless tongue. When you blink your dark enduring eyes, Shadows...

Long-distance Nationalism in Brick Lane and In The Light of What We Know

In twenty first century, the concept of nationalism has taken various forms because of the globalized and geopolitical issues where long-distance nationalism or diasporic nationalism becomes...

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