Ellen DeGeneres’ Dark Secrets Revealed by Chance

Recently, the popular TV host Ellen DeGeneres remains in the media heat-wave for her unprofessional behavior. Though earlier there were several misconducts reported against the host, but recently Chance revealed Ellen DeGeneres’ dark secrets to the public extent in detail.

TV star Greyson Chance was only twelve years old when he went viral in 2010 after a performance of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi”. It was the start of his big breakthrough, which accelerated when he was invited by Ellen DeGeneres to appear on her talk show.

After the interview, DeGeneres gave him $10,000 and a piano. But it was not something we see in clean eyes. With this, she created her brand-new record company, eleven eleven, and signed Chance as her first act for the label.

The world saw her kindness that day. But nobody knew what is in her heart. Nobody saw what is coming to Chance then. No matter what one thing happened because of her showcasing fake kindness, her show hits an all-time high on daytime television.    

Ellen DeGeneres’ Dark Side  

Both lives changed that day but not in the same way. Ellen DeGeneres became famous and Chance became an oppressed little kid. According to Chance Ellen was always “dominating and controlling”. And it is what Chance said to Rolling Stone Magazine. Chance said,

“She was like a “hidden eye” over his career”

“My whole week, my whole month, my whole year could change [with] one text message from her,” Chance expressed.

It was terrible, says Chance, and describes it as her constantly watching over him. It means Chance lost his freedom.

Among other things, DeGeneres had strong opinions about what clothes he will wear. And even she made it clear if there was something she didn’t like.

Chance also expressed that she could come in and look at a rack of clothes, yell at stylists, humiliate people in front of me and say “is this what you’re going to wear during the show?”. She was just demeaning to people.

Chance speaks about Ellen on his TikTok channel

Chance Was Abandoned

After two years, his career began to decline because Ellen reportedly stopped contacting him. At the time, Chance was just a teenager.

Chance was abandoned by the record company along with several other key people in his team, including the manager, who disappeared in the same flurry. The 25-year-old says that he tried to get hold of DeGeneres, without her hearing from him.

Since then, he has visited “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” several times, until after a visit in 2019 he called it quits. He decided never to guest on the talk show again.

“I am obliged to thank her and her team for the first part of my career. But I owe her no thanks for sitting here today (…). It was I who was forced to stand up again. She was nowhere to be found.”

Though he was silent since he left but at least now he has revealed Ellen DeGeneres’ Dark Secrets. Otherwise her controlling, toxic and exploitative acts could have been unknown to people.

Greyson Chance is just one case among many others. There are several reports of misconduct by the popular TV host Ellen DeGeneres. Among others, there are reports from employees about misconduct, bullying, and racism in the workplace.

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” has now been taken off the screen. after it was decided last year that this year’s season would be the last. Against the backdrop of this show, who knows how many Chance has lost their freedom and were bullied?  

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