Is it Worth Arguing with Illogical People? If not, What Should You do?

Engaging in argument is a basic part of the most consistent human behavior. And we often argue with illogical people who are unlikely to believe what you have to say, even though you are logical and talking with facts. But the question is, is it really worth arguing with illogical people who try to prove their perspective regardless the logic and facts?

Engaging in arguement is a very important phonomena since the creation of human kind. Accord to religious belief, God also had an arguement with angles regarding the creation of Adam. Think about an world without argument, it might not be the world it is today, if people did not argue for their rights or debate for a better solution. The world could be in worst condition due to the lack of logical reasoning.

Let’s get a clear perception about logical and illogical arguments.

We argue in both logical and illogical way which is an endless process in our lifetime. A logical reasoning is something what contains facts, logic and wisdom. This is a better way to express something wrong around us. And it serves a purpose of establishing something good or against something unethical. On the other hand the illogical argument serves the interest of an individual or communities unethical desire. In short, logical reasoning is to winning over illogical and illogical reasoning is to satisfying someone’s own ego.

Why do people argue without logic?

Self-interest is the basic instinct that drives people to argue without logic. They do not care about ethical or any moral standing but they do care about their own interest. Although the people who argue with logic are also seeking their own interest but they try to achieve their right with a moral obligation. On the other hand illogical people are desparate to win their argument on the basis of their narcissistic selfdoom. Some argue for their self-satisfaction, some for their personal benefit, some for winning over someone else’s ego and some argue for their lack of knowledge and understanding.

What you should do?

Desire for winning over arguement is a natural human phenomena. And every one of us has the same bad feeling when we lose an argument. Try to recall an event like this and think what you did and felt. How many times you have engaged in argument for a silly matter which does not have a point to argue for. We can always deny arguing with the person who argue illiogically with us. Sometimes it is worth losing because if you argue with an illogical person for silly matter. There will be no difference between you and that person. So it’s better not to argue rather let that person have his illogical perception and stay silent. I bet you will feel better latter on. Remember one thing wise people never argue with stupid people who lack knowledge and logical reasoning. As Mark Twain said “never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level, then bear you with their experience.”

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