New SUV Range Rover Sport 2023: Beautiful and Expensive

It is 2005 when the Range Rover Sport appeared, and it immediately became a car rich people wanted. It looked beautifully sporty. But unlike its big brothers, it was a little smaller and not least a little cheaper, not to forget a little sportier to drive. The engine press was full of praise for the car, and in the following years, the Range Rover Sport became a common sight around.

The success was maintained with the second-generation Range Rover Sport in 2013, and now in 2022 comes the third-generation 2023 Model. It logically shares a lot of technology with the latest Range Rover, and the design language is just as it should be for a Range Rover Sport 2023.

So, What Does it Offer?

The surfaces have become a little more refined and the area where the side glass meets the body panel has been exquisitely executed, inspired by modern architecture.

The proportions are further improved through a short overhang at the front, a 75 mm longer wheelbase to provide better rear-seat space, and a long overhang at the rear that well hides the car’s overall length of 4.95 meters. The grille and headlights are a bit narrower than the big brother, and from the rear, the car’s design is extremely neat and stylish.

The luggage compartment is 835 liters, which is 55 liters larger up to the roof behind the three rear seats than its predecessor. Seven seats are not an option. In terms of rims, you can choose between the standard 20-inch, or go all the way up to 23 inches if you want.

A Powerful Hybrid with Options  

The interior in the Range Rover Sport 2023 is also cleaner and tidier than before, with a more exclusive look. The engine range consists of three petrol engines (from 360 to 530 hp), three diesel engines (from 250 to 350 hp), and two hybrids (from 440 to 510 hp). The two hybrids consist of a 3-liter in-line six and a 105-kW electric motor, with a pure electric range of 86 km and a total range of 736 km.

The battery pack has doubled in size, and that means massive weight. The two hybrids weigh 2660 kg and 2735 kg respectively. The most powerful is the flagship with BMW’s 4.4-liter V8 petrol, which with two turbochargers gives 530 hp and where 0-100 km / h goes away in 4.5 seconds. An all-electric version of the car will be available in 2024.

For all models, an 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox and Intelligent All-Wheel Drive apply. Dynamic air suspension and four-wheel steering are in place, and for those who want the sportiest driving experience possible, you can buy the Stormer Handling Pack, which offers Dynamic Response Pro-anti-roll control.

It should be added here that the car is basically a very sporty SUV, and the company promises “sportscar levels of stiffness”, so most people will probably not feel any need for even more sportiness.

Range Rover Sport 2023 backside

Significant Increase in Pricing

If you want the car, it can be ordered already now, with a starting price of $84,350 and P360 SE trim. If you want this with the highest equipment level the starting price is $122,850 MSRP for the P350 First Edition trim. And not to be disappointed, it is a significant increase compared to the previous version.

This is the model the importer has the most faith in, in addition to the other hybrid P510e Autobiography. If you order now, you can expect delivery in the fourth quarter of this year, but take into account that it may take longer, as most car manufacturers are currently struggling with parts access.

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