Marvel’s Avengers’ War for Wakanda Expansion Releasing

Good news for gamers, War for Wakanda Expansion is hitting the market soon. Marvel’s Avengers remains one of the most exciting games for players and on August 17, Crystal Dynamics will release its most anticipated War for Wakanda Expansion. Players will finally take on the exploration of the Black Panther edition of the game’s latest update.

In this latest addition, T’Challa is having 2018s God of War, Christopher Judge’s voice.  War for Wakanda expansion is also introducing new enemies and two new supervillains. The two ruthless villains, MODOK and Ulysses Klaw will be fighting against the T’Challa to steal Wakanda’s Vibranium following A.I.M.

With the extended story, the total single-player campaign content length of Marvel’s Avengers is 25 hours. Along with the magnificent Royal Palace, players will explore the T’Challa’s brilliant sister Shuri’s laboratory, Birnin Zana outpost, Zawavari’s chambers, and the Wakandan War Room, and many other locations. This free extension has also integrated a new drop zone for solo or team play. In War for Wakanda expansion, players will be able to take on superheroic activities along with a new threat sector mission.   

This Black Panther expansion will also provide all the cool new outfits depending on your avatar’s power and level.

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Crystal Dynamics will present some guidelines on the 16th of August at 10 am PT on Twitch. So, to get some deep details, you must not miss this Avenger’s War Table event streaming. In addition to guidelines, you will also get new footage of the action.  

Currently, Marvel’s Avengers are running on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC. According to Crystal Dynamics, owners of the base game will get a similar all-access on all these platforms over time. Those who already own the base game, Marvel’s Avengers, can play this extended edition for free. Enjoy the game time.    

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