Biomutant Review: Unique World Setting with Fun characters

Biomutant is a game that caught the eye from the first announcements a few years ago. The colorful world of the hairy creatures that took over the Earth, after humans had left it, seemed something original and fresh. 

Though the storyline seems very interesting, the end result, however, is not overwhelming. But you get to remember that we are definitely not dealing with a bad game here. The Swedish game developer Experiment 101 may not gain universal recognition, but it will certainly find its fans.

The setting of Biomutant is quite interesting because the human left the world for a long time and your avatar gets to be left alone with other mutants. The pollutants that were left on the planet by humans now led to the evolution of smaller creatures that slowly build their own on the ruins of a previous civilization. And the creatures rely on tribal culture. 

A Versatile Game Take You to Adventure

As it is a new environment on the planet, gamers get to play the role of a lonely hero. Initially, the hero sets off on a simple mission of revenge. However, he is absorbed into an adventure that determines the fate of all the inhabitants of the world. Besides, he gets to save the endangered precious tree of life as well.

The story does not impress with excessive depth and is quite simple. Every single solution required to take depends on our decisions. You get to decide whether you will destroy or bring back all hostile tribes? Will you save the sacred tree or let the great monsters destroy it? It sounds a bit banal, because it is also true, and we will discover the most interesting and original ideas related to the plot only through in-depth exploration.

The first association after launching Biomutant is a cross between Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the post-apocalyptic Fable. From the opening credits, we are guided by the voice of a mysterious narrator who adds a fairy-tale setting to the gameplay. 

In addition to the tutorial stage, we have a whole open world at our disposal. We decide not only what we will do and where we will go, but also whether our hero will be a villain, or maybe a hero full of goodness that everyone will pass with a smile.

There are more associations with these titles in the game itself. The fight is similarly dynamic. Our hero jumps, dodges, pirouettes, and attacks with both melee and firearms, and with time even special skills derived from mutations and the special power of Ki. 

The good side is, development opportunities are quite wide and depend not only on basic statistics – such as strength, agility, or intelligence – but also on the status of our aura, i.e., whether we are a good or bad type of wanderer. Fighting is a lot of fun in this game, and developing special blows called Wung Fu makes it even more varied. It also encourages you to experiment with the selection of weapons.

You get to hands-on a dozen of types of clothes and weapons. And the fact that each weapon consists of several elements that can be replaced and developed. The feature makes not only every gadget looks interesting, but you can literally disassemble and connect them to some of your equipment. It is up to players whether they want to run with a samurai sword consist a cut from the car body, a hammer with an engine head, and an umbrella handle, or a rifle consisting of parts of a radiator and a washing machine. We can spend a lot of time in the inventory creator and have a lot of fun.

Interesting World Setting

Biomutant is characterized by an interesting world setting. It is a cross between the post-apocalypse and something that resembles ancient China. The sound setting refers to oriental music, as well as clothing full of tunics and bamboo hats. It is undoubtedly an interesting mix in which every player will find something for themselves. Besides you can create a hero who looks like a modern commando as well as an ancient monk brandishing a nunchaku.

Interesting World setting in Biomutant

There is an abundance of vehicles that most gamers love, some of which are available only in certain places. The mech, built of scrap metal, allows you to travel through the contaminated areas. You will also have a jet ski, on which you even fight one of the game’s bosses which will eventually help you reach islands that are otherwise inaccessible. It is absurd, however, that despite a large amount of water in the game, the scooter can only be used where the creators set it up, which is just a small fragment of large map size.

The language used by the characters and the narrator is quite different yet charming. Furry civilization names everything in its own way. You will find, so many everyday items are spoken completely differently, often infantile. Even one of the monsters has an inconspicuous name: Puff Chrum. You should know that players can unlock fast travel points by taking care of the need at the sign. More interestingly, one of the wise men pretends to be Elvis, and the blows in the fight are triggered by comic book signs such as “Trach” or “Boom”? And these are just a few elements that make Biomutant an undoubtedly unique game.

While wandering around the new world, you will come across numerous factions to which you can join. Each of them has different goals related to the tree of life and the fate of other clans. Deciding on one of the sides is associated with the hostile attitude of other groups and a different approach to every player by each person you meet. You can change factions, but in the end, you have to stand for someone unequivocally.

Good Game but Not Without Flaws!

Without talking about flaws, BBiomutant Review cannot be completed. And unfortunately, the main threads and their lead, including the finale of each stage, show the weakest side of the game. The fictional production leaves much to be desired. The plots break suddenly, often illogically, and the tension built up by cutscenes showing the story from the flashback does not meet with a properly leveled finale. Actually, it has been a long time since we played a game with such a shallow end to each task. We are completely unsatisfied with the journey we have made and it is very disappointing.

The graphic design is very uneven and at times resembles the title of two generations back. Textures are often read in front of our eyes, the gameplay sometimes has difficulty maintaining a constant number of displayed frames even on PlayStation 5, and quickly traversing the map may result in the game freezing and throwing us into the console menu. There were a few patches in the process of playing for review and the Biomutant seems more stable, but still a long way from a non-frustrating state.

Let’s Wrap Up with a Summary

For Biomutant Review, we can say in short, with the aforementioned shortcomings and the average-quality landscaping, this title is completely untested? Not really, but certainly for a long time we have not come across such an unequal quality product in which the gameplay is pleasant, but not worth any involvement in the plot. Biomutant defends itself with a sufficiently open and quite interesting world, fun characters, and combat that is not frustrating and encourages experimenting with weapons and attacks.

It opens up to a nice universe, furry kung fu, and a few other interesting gameplay elements that made Biomutant worth keeping in mind and giving it a shot when it is slightly improved from the technical side. There is probably no point in counting on narrative corrections, which is a pity.

Very Interesting world settingNumerous mistakes and shortcomings
Nice system for modifying weapons The storyline lacks consistency
Pleasantly relaxing Not many different models of characters and buildings
Freedom of exploration


 Platform: PC, PS4, PS4, Xbox One, Series X / S 
 Type: TPP, action game with RPG elements  
 Distribution: digital, box 
 Price: $59.99 
 Producer: Experiment 101
 Publisher: THQ Nordic 

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