30 Most Colorful Cities in Europe for Travellers

From the big cities to the quieter ones, and the most colorful cities in Europe are waiting to be explored.

Make sure your camera’s battery is full because we guarantee that you won’t stop taking photos to upload to your Instagram account. We start our route through the most colorful destinations in Europe!

Strasbourg, France
Strasbourg, France

30. Strasbourg, France

Petite France is the oldest and most colorful district in Strasbourg and is full of Alsatian half-timbered houses. Do you want even more color? Then continue to nearby Colmar. This small city provides the food for your mind and very unique designed houses will definitely steal your attention.

Gdansk, Poland
Gdansk, Poland

29. Gdańsk, Poland

The Polish Hanseatic city of Gdańsk was thoroughly restored after the Second World War. The original German features were partly replaced by colorful 17th-century architecture with Flemish-Dutch features. The old architectural vibe makes this destination one of the most colorful cities in Europe.

Honfleur, France
Honfleur, France

28. Honfleur, France

The houses in the harbor of Honfleur are almost all covered with gray slate. With colored boats and awnings in all colors of the rainbow, the inhabitants of the Norman town still manage to give it a particularly cheerful note.

Procida, Italy
Procida, Italy

27. Procida, Italy

Procida is the first colorful destination that comes to mind. You will lose your heart to this Italian island in the Bay of Naples. the sight of the colorful fishing harbor Marina Corricella even fills the background of many traveler’s desktops. What a splendor of colors! Procida is about an hour by boat from Naples. The charming island is only 4 km2 in size, but you will have a great time there between the colorful houses.

Novy Jicin, Czech Republic
Novy Jicin, Czech Republic

26. Nový Jičín, Czech Republic

As busy as it is in Cinque Terre, it is as quiet as it is in Nový Jičín. This unknown gem is located in the Czech region of Moravia. There is not much to do, but the central square is a real eye-catcher. It is surrounded by a motley collection of pastel-colored houses with arches. It is also wonderful to stroll through the colorful streets around the square. Close to Nový Jičín is the birthplace of Sigmund Freud: Příbor. You can also enjoy brightly colored houses in this charming town.

Villajoyosa, Spain
Villajoyosa, Spain

25. Villajoyosa, Spain

The most colorful town on the Costa Blanca? That is undoubtedly Villajoyosa. This former fishing village between Alicante and Benidorm is full of houses in all colors of the rainbow. A place that will certainly not look out of place on your favorite postcard of the Costa Blanca. Meander endlessly through the colorful streets and then plop down on the kilometer-long sandy beach with a view of the sea on one side and the colorful splendor of the fishermen’s houses on the other.

Riga, Latvia
Riga, Latvia

24. Riga, Latvia

Also in Riga, you will be served at your beck and call if you like to color. In the historic city center, the houses are painted in soft pastel tones, but you will also find plenty of color outside the center. Not to be missed are the colorful Art Nouveau buildings in the Art Nouveau district and the brightly colored wooden houses on the island of Kipsala. The seaside resort of Jurmala is also bursting with colored wooden houses: from Kawasaki green to baby blue. Outside the center, admire the red-pink Holy Trinity Church.

Kinsale, Ireland
Kinsale, Ireland

23. Kinsale, Ireland

There is nothing to be done, Ireland in terms of color wins hands down. The leitmotif of the south of the Emerald Isle last is about colors: putting aside the best-known attractions, anyone can draw the itinerary letting themselves be inspired by the photos of the most colorful places found on Instagram.

Connemara and the majestic Cliffs of Moher will be admired in all their beauty, but it is not an exaggeration, you will literally lose your head walking through some narrow streets of Kinsale, for example, from which you won’t want to go away.

Lutry, Switzerland
Lutry, Switzerland

22. Lutry, Switzerland

Starting from Zurich to get to smaller and lesser-known towns, the Confederation also has a nice range of places where colors are king. Lutry, for example, is a medieval village in the Canton of Vaud, along the shores of Lake Geneva, in the splendid wine area known as Lavaux. Lutry’s historic center is a succession of delightful buildings with simple lines, painted wood shutters and wrought iron signs resting on softly toned walls.

Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany

21. Berlin, Germany

Berlin may be a great metropolis, but it is not covered in large skyscrapers as one might expect, quite the opposite. Venture through the alternative neighborhoods of Kreuzberg and Neukölln and discover the buildings with a distinctive artistic touch, which give the city its character.

Sighișoara - Romania one of the most colorful cities in Europe
Sighișoara – Romania

20. Sighișoara, Romania

Sighișoara is a hidden gem. Located in the interior of the historical region of Transylvania, it is in this Romanian city where you can see closer than ever all the colors of the rainbow.

Bristol, England
Bristol, England

19. Bristol, England

Bristol is well known for its good atmosphere, for being a city of hipsters, and for being the birthplace of one of the most famous street art artists in the world: Banksy. Each of these aspects is more than reflected by the streets of Bristol, making it one of the most popular cities for young people to live and visit in England.

Colmar, France
Colmar, France

18. Colmar, France

Colmar could be a city straight out of a Disney movie. The buildings that dress it are colorful. The colorful decorations with flowers, giving an extra touch of joy to the facades. Take a walk through the city of Alsace which offers a magical look at the city.

Wroclaw - Poland one of the most colorful cities in Europe.
Wroclaw, Poland

17. Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw has become a trendy destination for weekend getaways in recent years. You are probably wondering why and the answer lies in its cozy atmosphere as well as being an inexpensive place to travel. In addition to this, its buildings full of color and variety make it another of its most attractive points.

Reykjavik, Iceland one of the most colorful cities in the world
Reykjavik, Iceland

16. Reykjavik, Iceland

After their long periods of darkness during the winter months, the citizens of Reykjavik came up with an ingenious idea of how to have a little brightness for their streets. The Icelandic capital is full of different colors to rejoice the hearts of its citizens in the few hours of winter light.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark

15. Copenhagen, Denmark

Elegance and modernity, two essential aspects that make Copenhagen a very attractive destination for those who want to be up to date. The architectural aspect of the city reflects on the buildings painted in colors wherever you want to go.

Porto, Portugal
Porto, Portugal

14. Porto, Portugal

The balanced combination of rustic and traditional buildings with other more eccentric ones is the reason why Porto cannot be missing from our list. The Portuguese city, a place of good wine, is an essential point to discover among those who love cheerful colors.

Naples, Italy
Naples, Italy

13. Naples, Italy

Naples is internationally known for its rich gastronomy ( its pizzas! ) And the great Mount Vesuvius. But one of the aspects that tourists always end up surprised by is the colorfulness of its neighborhoods.

Prague Czech Republic one of the most colorful cities in the world
Prague, Czech Republic

12. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the pride of the Czech Republic, the jewel in the crown, with plenty of UNESCO World Heritage Sites along its cobbled streets and surrounded by centuries-old architecture. A perfect combination for the most romantic traveler.

Central market square in Poznan, Poland
Central market square in Poznan, Poland

11. Poznań, Poland

With just a few steps through Poznań, you will feel completely immersed in the beauty of the city. There is one thing that can almost be assured by observing the colorful streets of the city: it is possible that the sympathy of its people comes from this visual feast of color.

Longyearbyen, Norway, Europe's northern most city with color
Longyearbyen, Norway

10. Longyearbyen, Norway

Hidden in the Arctic Circle is the Norwegian town of Longyearbyen. Although the city is considerably isolated and not on the list of top 10 travel destinations in Norway, it is the perfect place to observe the Northern Lights. The most curious thing about this place is that it is the home of Santa Claus, where the largest mailbox in the world is located. Imagine how many letters you receive during the year!

Lisbon - Portugal one of the most colorful cities in the world
Lisbon – Portugal

9. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon remains one of the most vibrant and cheerful cities in the European region connected to a lot of history. It is surrounded by hills, crossed by charming aged yellow trams, and washed by a coastline straight out of a novel, Lisbon is one of the most charismatic capitals in Europe.

Galway, Ireland

8. Galway, Ireland

Galway is on the west coast of Ireland and it is a city that perfectly captures the Irish spirit thanks to its cobbled streets, unusual buildings, and lively nightlife. It is a city that you cannot miss along your route through Ireland.

Ljubliana, Slovenia

7. Ljubliana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is one of those destinations that once visited is hard to forget. The combination of buildings lined up along the river bank and its medieval castle at the top of the city is a very special sight to remember. Spending a summer night next to the river bank, drinking a good wine is a plan that you cannot miss.

Santorini, Greece
Santorini, Greece

6. Santorini, Greece: Most Colorful Island Destination

Just by saying the name “Santorini”, you can recreate dreamlike images in your head: luminous facades of houses painted white with blue roofs like the Aegean Sea and the sky where the intense sunlight is reflected. Can you imagine it? Santorini is one of the most colorful cities in Europe besides, this white beauty is one of the most beautiful island destinations in the world.

Burano, Italy

5. Burano, Italy

The island with the colors of the Rainbow, Burano, is located very close to Venice and is one of the favorite places for travelers. If you visit Venice, don’t miss the opportunity to go to Burano because you will not regret it. Imagine strolling around the endless colorful alleys with a made in Italy ice cream on a spring day. Who doesn’t get long teeth with this vision?

Júzcar, Spain

4. Júzcar, Spain: Most Colorful Small Town in Europe

Júzcar, in the province of Malaga, has a curious history behind it. The bluish colors that predominate in this Malaga town are due to the promotion of the film “The Smurfs” released in 2011. After this event, the inhabitants of Júzcar, happy with the new color that adorned its streets, decided not to return to the previous white color of its facades.

Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

3. Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

The hot springs in the Czech city of Karlovy Vary have made it famous all over the world. Its 12 hot springs reach up to 40ºC in temperature, which experts describe as curative waters. In its surroundings, pastel colors give the city an ideal Zen atmosphere.

Notting Hill (London), England
Notting Hill (London)

2. Notting Hill (London), England

London remains one of the most vibrant cities in the world throughout centuries. And this small suburb, Notting Hill is one of the most colorful cities in Europe. In addition to being introduced to us by Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant on the big screen a few years ago, the London borough of Notting Hill is famous for the colorful harmony of its buildings. Notting Hill also hosts the UK’s biggest carnivals in August, with the streets coming alive more than ever with concerts and parades

cinque terre italy
Cinque Terre, Italy

1. Cinque Terre, Italy: Probably the Most Colorful Cities in Europe

The Cinque Terre region in Italy is made up of several multicolored rustic-looking towns on the edge of impressive cliffs. And we can consider that this is the most colorful city in Europe that any traveler should explore. This destination has become the dream vacation spot for every traveler in search of the Sun and relaxation. And we can consider this city as one of the most colorful cities in Europe.

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