What is Metaverse All About and How Does it Work?

Recently Metaverse has been in the limelight for months, but what is Metaverse anyway.

And do you even know how does Metaverse work? Let’s talk about it.

Metaverse is the latest digital product of Meta formerly known as Facebook. And according to several sources, it is a 3D digital world focused on social connection. Moreover, this prototype concept unifies the virtual world into one that connects people with virtual assistants like VR and AR.

So, what does that mean in simple words?

We will not be in the reality right now; rather we will live a life of 3D simulation. It will be a real-time 3D world where everyone is going to live.

For a better example, we can refer to the 2018s science fiction movie Ready Player One. In this movie, all the characters are living a buzzer life while their virtual world is very exciting.    

It already sounds thrilling, right? Well, it sounds awesome. And Mark Zuckerberg is already on it pushing forward to reality.

Where Does Metaverse Concept Come From?

Well to answer the questions of what is Metaverse and how does Metaverse work, we need to find the concept first.

The entire concept of Metaverse is taken from the 1992 novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. He is the first person who coined the term Metaverse. According to the novel itself, it is a 3D virtual world run by real characters. Every user connects to their virtual avatar in real-time and leads their life in the virtual world according to their power and level.

The novel is somewhat similar to Steven Spielberg’s movie Ready Player One. Though both Neal’s novel and Rady player One seems to be one, the movie is based on Ernest Cline’s novel of the same title. Ernest Cline is also one of the screenwriters of the film.

But the big fat question is, is Meta’s Metaverse live up to the novel and the movie?

Well, let’s check!

What is Metaverse in the Reality?  

Metaverse is not entirely like the one we saw in the movie or in the novel.

It is Facebook’s dream project that is being developed to connect people through 3D avatars. Moreover, it is a platform where people will be able to join a meeting virtually from anywhere in the world.

According to Facebook,

“The ‘metaverse’ is a set of virtual spaces where you can create and explore with other people who aren’t in the same physical space as you.”

As per Facebook’s statement, Metaverse is a virtual space that will help you connect with other people to create something. Meaning, you can actually conduct work in an office environment virtually with the feel of the physical office environment.

Well, it sounds innovative for the pandemic situation. Besides, it will be helpful for multinational companies to run their operation more effectively.  

If we compare this with the movie or the novel, it looks a little similar but not that vast. And since it is unlike the conceptual Metaverse, and depending on what it will do, we can ironically call it a magical zoom meeting. Besides, we can also refer to the Animal Crossing graduation party.

Isn’t that funny enough?

Well apparently, it looks like a magical Zoom meeting, but what the future offers, it looks very promising.

What are the Possibilities of Metaverse?

Whatever we have heard about this metaverse, it sounds very promising. And we can use this in a real-life situation for a certain time. But will it be that success for real-life events?

Well, think about it.

You going to a wedding but not physically. Instead, you will be present on a virtual platform to enjoy a friend’s wedding. How does that sound? Well, it sounds interesting. It is already going to happen. And it has already happened.

An Indian couple is all set to get married on Metaverse. The person will not just have his reception on the virtual platform, we will walk on the stage. On the other hand, people will join their marriage through virtual reality boxes.

This is not the only metaverse marriage, another couple in the US has already hosted their marriage on Metaverse.

New Immersive Social Media Interaction  

With Metaverse, our social media interactions are going to change. At least a lot of people are saying that. But what do you think of this? How many people will use their Facebook or Instagram wearing a VR box all the time?

 We can guess that not many people are going to operate social media wearing Metaverse. But still, it is a possibility of having an immersive experience.

It is only possible if Metaverse can provide experiences like the movie and the novel. But if it remains like the concept, the social media thing is not going to be something innovative.

Expecting A New Internet Where You Can Have Everything in One Place On 3D

Is Metaverse is a hype? Or does it exist in the reality?

Well until now it is just hype, it does not have what it says. Besides, the full concept is a merry concept and it will take some time to come to reality.  

When the entire Metaverse will hit the market, the internet will be set to a new environment. We could say this is a new internet that will have an immersive experience and we will experience something that we can not experience in today’s 2D version.  

A lot of people are saying different things and Facebook is saying giving us the hope of doing everything in one place.

The totality of the metaverse is, you can watch a video with your friend, play games, purchase things and visit different websites and places.

What bells does that ring? Isn’t it look like an entire internet itself?

Well, Metaverse sounds like the entire internet in 3D operated in a single place.

Though it sounds cool, there is a big question. Will it create a monopoly of the internet?  

It looks like it will certainly do. Because Facebook has its own marketplace, it has introduced its own currency and is the largest social media network in the world. So yes, we can expect an internet monopoly.

In short, if we summarize the answer of what is metaverse and how Metaverse works, it says, it is a virtual platform to connect people through the 3D world. It is a kind of internet that will entirely run-on VR and AR platforms and you can have the full experience. Currently, it does not have everything it says but it could be in the reality. Moreover, it will take some time to be in the reality.

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