US President Biden Called a Reporter ‘Son of a Bitch”

US President Joe Biden called Fox News reporter Peter Doocy “Son of a Bitch” gently at a press conference on Monday for asking about inflation.

The White House took a press conference after the Monday afternoon meeting on lowering product prices for working-class families. And on that press briefing, president Biden was addressing the press gatherings.

During his public comments, several reporters started throwing questions including Peter Doccy. But Biden did not take that question kindly.

Doccy shouted with a question on inflation saying, “Do you think inflation will be a political liability ahead of the midterms?”

Biden did not take that question very kindly and in return, he snapped at Doccy saying “That’s a great asset, more inflation. What a stupid son of a bitch,”

Well, this is not the first time Biden lashed out to the media. Last week, he took to a similar remark on another Fox News correspondent.

Fox correspondent Jacqui Heinrich asked him a question about the Russia-Ukraine crisis. He said, “Why are you waiting on Putin to make the first move, sir?” and in a reply, he said, “what a stupid question”.

Biden Cleared the Air Afterward

After the insulting remark of the SOB, President Biden called Peter Doccy for cooling down the situation.

As Doccy said on Hannity of Fox News, Biden called “within about an hour of that exchange.”

Doccy expressed that Biden said to him “It’s nothing personal, pal,” he also said that they had talked a little further and Doccy told the president that he will always ask something different than what everybody else is asking. And in a reply, Biden said you got to do.  

But there was no apology from the president. At least Peter Doccy did not clearly say that. Instead, he just expressed that Biden has cleared the air between them.

After all these, we can say that Biden is also inheriting Trump’s speaking pattern after he inherited Trump’s Policy for Far East Region.

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