Skyrim’s Anniversary Edition Releasing in November

It’s Skyrim’s ten-year anniversary, and to mark the date Bethesda will launch a new version of its RPG – with the title “Anniversary Edition” – for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. One of the most exciting factors is that a fishing mechanic will be added. It will come as a free update for all players who already have the game.

Bethesda announced the new version of Skyrim during QuakeCon. They also announced the release date to be November 11 which is exactly ten years after the original 2011 release. The latest edition will have all the features of the special edition along with some new features.

To be precise, it will add more than 500 items from the Creation Club which is Bethesda’s official mod platform – such as quests, dungeons, bosses, and spells.

If you are one of those users who already have the Special Edition of Skyrim, you can upgrade to the anniversary version for a specific price. Although the price details are not yet confirmed, there will be a free upgrade version as well for the next generation, for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S.

In order to celebrate the anniversary, Bethesda kept a special concert on November 11 at the Alexandra Palace. This is the theatre featuring the original soundtrack for the game performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. If you are interested, you can enjoy it on YouTube and Twitch.

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