Donald Trump Threatened Apocalypse If He Does Not Win

The president of chaos, Donald Trump has threatened apocalypse if he does not win at the polls on December 3. After despising and skirting around the law, as well as sowing disorder for nearly four years, Donald Trump is now offering himself as a law-and-order chairman. He intends to turn the judgment at the polls on his chaotic presidency into an endorsement to continue and intensify his chaotic politics.

The first measure in this electoral campaign has been the annulment of the identity, ideas and values ​​of the Republican party, unrecognizable in the Trump version that has held its Convention to nominate him as a candidate to repeat for the presidency. The absence of masks and social distancing stands out in the last act held at the White House, with the attendance of a thousand and a half people, in an open display of the president’s irresponsibility in managing the pandemic.

Not only has it engulfed the Republican party, but it has also instrumentalized the official institutions and buildings as a stage for its partisan propaganda. The gardens in front of the White House have been the platform for messages of support from First Lady Melania and where she has delivered her message of acceptance. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, forced by a decades-long tradition in the US to avoid gender mixing, intervened from Jerusalem, in the middle of an official trip.

The presidential balance could not be more negative. It was difficult a worse management of the covid-19. The recession that looms over the world has been used by the president to continue favoring the richest and their friends. The public order crisis, caused by police abuses, has been encouraged and used to reinforce the extreme right and scare the white population of the suburbs who tend to vote Republican. There is no State Administration where Trump has not put his fingers in or eroded his autonomy, under the terrible excuse of fighting a supposed deep state or deep state alien to the democratic vote.

The most perverse of their actions is aimed at undermining the right to vote. Trump has already reached the White House with three million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton in 2016 and now he intends to stop the vote by mail to take advantage of the inhibition that the pandemic can produce among the Democratic electorate. Her objective, in the event of not obtaining enough presidential delegates, is to turn the electoral scrutiny into an endless judicial litigation, which allows her to avoid the replacement by Joe Biden.

The Republican elite, collaborators of Ronald Reagan and the two Bushes, have been noted for their absence from the Convention, kidnapped by the Trump family and their fans of the extreme racist right. The dilemma for voters is not to choose between the two great historical parties, but to choose between four more years of persistent destruction of democracy or a return to everything that Trump has attacked, that is, institutional normality, the division of powers, checks and balances, and the operation of constitutional guarantees of citizens’ freedoms.

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