Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Openly Expressed Genocidal Intent in Gaza

For a long time Israel has been persecuting Palestinians and it has always been a strategy to force out people from their land. Now they are going to commit genocide in the excuse of their right to self-defense out in the open while the world is watching. Self-defense from whom? From the unarmed Palestinians. What an Irony!

An entire nation is on the brink of extinction today – Palestine. For centuries it has been a cradle of peace, diversity, tradition, and spirituality. It has been a nation that witnessed civilizations passing, it witnessed wars, it witnessed prosperity, it witnessed spiritual diversity. But for the last few decades, the people of Palestine have seen a living hell on earth only because of an illegitimate aspiration of a cancerous political movement – Zionism which has given birth to its illegitimate son, Israel.   

Until the 7th of October, Israel was limited to illegal land grabbing, occupying Palestinian houses, limiting Palestinian rights on their own land, controlling borders, bullying children and women, persecuting those who talked about their rights, killing a few thousand unarmed, innocent civilians including children at a time round the yearly and it goes on and on and it is a deadlock situation for Palestinians.

But on the 7th of October Israel’s aggression transitioned to an unimaginable scale. Since then, there has been carpet bombing, use of white phosphorous, indiscriminate killing, attacks on hospitals, humanitarian aid groups, journalists, etc. Israel has cut off the electricity, water supply, gas supply, food, and everything. Palestinians don’t have fuel to run their generators while thousands of patients are in unimaginable suffering. International aid groups are waiting on the Jordanian borders to supply aid to save lives whatever is left. But Israel has also made that limit to increase the suffering. And this is all happening in front of our eyes. However, Palestine including Gaza has been a living prison imposed by the Zionist Israel on the Palestinian land for almost a century.    

The plan for the genocide might have been in place since the state of Israel came to be. But until yesterday, it did not see light. Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, gave an interview dehumanizing Palestinians like Hitler did to the Jews all over Europe. He took out a reference from the Bible and labeled Palestinians as Amalek. Besides, his speech gives us a clear indication of the intent of genocide which is already in action.  

What Netanyahu has referred, it has been put in the Bible this way,

“The Bible commands to wipe out Amalek, including women, babies, children, and animals. Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.” [1 Samuel 15:3]

Given the current situation, the condition of Palestinians for decades now, and Netanyahu’s recent interview, does it not indicate Israel’s intent of genocide? To my knowledge, this is a naked truth out in the public and it has been for decades. We can also take an example of Netanyahu’s leaked video 13 years ago where he was talking about his plan to make big settlements. Besides, he also addressed that it is easy to manipulate the USA.

Despite all the facts, devastations, and protests, those who support Israel’s war crime would justify saying, that it is Hamas who is responsible for all this. It is the 7th of October massacre that is responsible for this barbaric response. But how would you justify the never-ending systemic imprisonment, inhuman treatment of Palestinians, and the shameless act of occupation for almost a century now? How would you, the Zionists, the Jews in favor, and Israel’s allies justify when the genocide is over?

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