Alex Jones’ InfoWars App Bans From Major Tech Giants

It is now Confirmed that the Alex Jones’ InfoWars app is removed from the Apple app store. Though this is not a big news for now because iTunes and The Apple Podcast app also removed Alex Jones InfoWars Podcast and War Room Show in early august.

Why all this happening?

Due to Alex’ hate speech, Apple decides to remove every thing from Apple platform and Apple spokes person said that they do not foster hate so they had to decides what is right.

Facebook also unpublished four of Alex Jones pages due to the hate speech which was fostering violence. This major action taken by Apple and Facebook is really a good decision to establish harmony in the society.

A Facebook spokes man said that more content has been reported. And Facebook is taking down for glorifying violence.

The Shopify has also banned his podcast and other products from their part so that it doesn’t go further. To resist controversial speech Shopify will not give any opportunity to Alex Jones anymore.

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