18 Years Old Kevin Lehmann Replaced Kylie Jenner as the Youngest Billionaire

Until Tuesday, Kylie Jenner was the youngest billionaire in the world. But recently an 18-year-old German boy replaced her to become the world’s youngest billionaire.  

Kylie Jenner became the youngest self-made billionaire with a $1 billion net worth in 2019. She made her fortune with her signature Kylie Cosmetics.  Though a few months later that created a lot of controversy due to her lower actual net worth. Particularly till October 2020, Forbes reports her net worth at $700 million. Despite all those controversies the youngest in the Jenner family listed as a billionaire by Forbes.

Until recently, 18-year-old Kevin David Lehman from Germany has displaced Kylie Jenner from this year’s billionaires list. Kevin Lehman just inherited his father’s 50% stake in the German company DM-Drogerie Markt. This is a German drug store chain that operates in 12 European countries along with Alibaba online shop outside of Europe.   

As per Forbes report, the 50% stake in the company is worth $3.3 billion. With a $1.5 billion net worth, 24-years-old Wang Zelong from China is placed on the second position of the World’s Youngest billionaire List. He has also inherited the fortune in the pigment production company from his family.

Though Kylie Jenner is not holding the title now she still remains the youngest self-made billionaire in the world. Keeping the Forbes report in mind, Kylie Jenner is not a billionaire who was removed from the title in May 2020. But if Kylie’s document is considered, she remains in the place.  

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