Uncharted 2022 Review: A Genre-Traditional Adventure Film

Ruben Fleischer’s Uncharted 2022 is an entertaining, captivating, and genre-traditional adventure film that sends Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg out on a globe-trotting hunt for a missing gold treasure.

Uncharted 2022 at a Glance

In this first film, we get a little about Nathan’s background. He is sent out on a treasure hunt with a shady mentor Mark Wahlberg. There are heaps of gold that the Portuguese voyage of discovery Ferdinand Magellan is said to have hidden away in the 16th century.

The duo eventually joins forces with a female swindler, played by Sophia Ali. No one trusts each other, and then it will not be easy when they have to fight against a tyrannical, cunning, and vicious Antonio Banderas and his rawhide of a female bodyguard, Tati Gabrielle.

Captivating Actions with Predictable Script

Uncharted 2022 film is based on a popular game series with the same name led by Nathan Drake. But the film portrays a young, smart, and slightly naïve version of the action-packed adventurer we get to know here.

Quick remarks, a twinkle in the eye, simple puzzle solving, and plenty of fast-paced action make this a cool movie to watch. And no doubt it is a good experience for those who love “National Treasure” and Tom Holland’s sympathetic Spider-Man interpretation.

Rafe-Art-Matt trio could have done a better job with the script. Maybe a little more twist and suspense would do. So we have to say that despite being a captivating movie, the script is too tame. You can have a predictable guess but with real excitement. Besides the film does not have the details and drive that lifts this treasure hunt to a stomach-churning journey of discovery.

A Duo on An Adventure

The young Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) lives a relatively quiet life in New York. But suddenly he gets a somewhat special job offer from Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg).

Nathan is tasked with a job to help Sully steal a gold cross which may be the key to the lost gold treasure. And the reason our main character says yes because his big brother is also looking for the treasure.

Of course, there are also villains looking for the gold. Watch out for Antonio Banderas and Scottish fighters with poor diction.

In the well-known “Mission Impossible” style, this is a film composed of various action-packed sub-missions on different continents. It gives the film a predictable shape, and there is a lot of “hoisting” deception, hijacking at high speed, and hidden passages in old churches.

But even though the script is simple, I let myself be charmed by the chemistry between Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg.

They do not trust each other, and their moral compass diverges in different directions. But they quickly find a cheeky tone full of insults, good-natured teasing, and risky border testing.

The style is taken straight from Hollywood’s “Buddy Cop” manual and is not at all original in the performance. But this comedy takes place in this simple treasure hunting landscape, and it ensures that the film remains entertaining even in the transport stages.

Tom Holland Is Nimble and Cool

Uncharted 2022 is the origin story of Nathan Drake, and it is clear from the small bonus scene in the caption that a film series is probably planned with the rough, knowledgeable, and powerful adventurer.

With Tom Holland in the lead role, the producers in Sony have got a main character. But Nathen here lacks harshness and the warm tone that, for example, made Nathan Fillion a fan favorite like Drake. But they have got a nimble and cool type that offers buckets of charm, acrobatics, and touchy conversation.

Holland has proven with his “Spider-Man” role that he can lead in big sequel-friendly action movies. And even though he is not as comfortable as in Spider, you can have a lot of fun. At least, there are enough signs of popcorn fun here that many are looking forward to the next film.

He also gets a lot out of the interaction with the other characters. He flirts with treasure hunter colleague Chloe Frazer (Sophia Ali), gets intimidated by the rich Santiago Moncada (Antonio Banderas), and tries to make Sully a new and better person.

It’s not great acting. But there is a reason why Tom Holland has taken the step up in Hollywood’s top division.

He has that little indefinable extra. The fascinating star quality and charisma that sells cinema tickets and can make a completely mediocre script a worthwhile film.

“Uncharted” is not on par with its movie role models. And Nathan Drake is still the best in the game version. But this is humorous treasure hunt entertainment that surfs the charm and simple genre pleasures. And possibly this is a promising start for a new adventure hero on the big screen.

Film Out of a Game with Over the Top Yet Funny Action

A film made out of a popular game, and it is supposed to be exciting. Uncharted is an entertaining film with hilarious action and stunt scenes that are so over the top that it’s actually quite funny. The Batman appears to be a slave to Newton’s and Einstein’s physical laws in relation.

Tom “Spider-Man” Holland plays the lead role as Nathan Drake. And we can guess that fans of the video game series are happy with that choice. After all, lots of boyish tough-guy charm in that man.

Uncharted 2022 keeps the pace of a modern film with adventure and action as the main ingredients – that is, sky-high. So high that you sometimes do not have time to capture the visually magnificent images. After all, you cannot see what is manifested on the screen in the form of great locations and good CGI work.

The character building is superficial at best. But it goes well and most of them are cardboard figures that will only serve the film’s action and progress anyway. The coolest of them all is Tati Gabrielle in the role of hyper-antagonist Braddock. The 26-year-old is relatively unknown but has a powerful presence on the screen. Besides she has a physical appearance and a face that you are sure you recognize from somewhere.

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