Satan-2: Most powerful Missile in the World Can Crash USA

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has raised tension around the world. And a lot of political experts are raising concerns about a third world war. If it doesn’t go well, the war between Ukraine and Russia will not remain between the two countries. Rather it can give birth to something catastrophic. Because Russia has the most powerful missile in the world, and 10 of which can wipe out entire America.

Following the conflict, the world’s superpowers are preparing themselves to fight to take different sides like the second world war. But Russia has something scary. It has the most powerful intercontinental ballistic nuclear missile in the world. With the doomsday weapon, Satan-2, the Soviets can attack any nation in the operational range of 18,000 kilometres.

According to the Russian military magazine Zvezda, the Satan-2 should start its journey this year. Is the Russia-Ukraine crisis giving any indication of its use? Well, we don’t know yet. If it is, this can be very dangerous. So, let’s learn some facts about the most powerful missile in the world.

The Most Powerful Missile in The World

We already know that the United States has developed technologically advanced missile defence systems. But Russia has responded with powerful offensive nuclear weapons that will soon be able to penetrate NATO’s defence systems.

the Satan -2
The Satan 2

Satan 2, the most powerful missile in the world got the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) NATO designation. In Russia, this intercontinental missile is called RS-28 Sarmat. And the world can expect that this year, it will gradually replace its predecessor SS-18 Satan. And until now, it has also been the world’s most powerful nuclear missile.

Satan 2 is Equal to 500 Hiroshima Bomber

Until now, the RS-28 or Satan 2 is the heaviest intercontinental missile in the world. And it can launch a total weight of 220 tons. Most of its weight consists of the fuel required to give the missile a range of up to 18,000 kilometres. On the other hand, it requires that amount of fuel to travel at the speed of 25,560 kilometres per hour which is 19 times faster than Supersonic Concord.

In the explosive deck, it can take a payload of 10 tons. And it is theoretically enough to carry a nuclear charge equivalent to the “Tsar Bomba“. For further information, it was the 50-megaton hydrogen bomb that triggered the most powerful explosion on the planet ever.

During the test blast of the Tsar Bomba in 1961 on Novaya Zemlya, people saw the powerful flash 2,000 kilometres away. Moreover, the pressure wave damaged buildings within a radius of up to 1000 km.

Tsar Bomba – The most powerful nukes ever tested

But when it comes to Satan 2, it will carry up to 15 smaller nuclear warheads instead of one. Moreover, they will be able to aim at their targets independently. In addition, it can also easily defeat “decoy missiles”, the US defences missile system.

So according to its capability, the total explosive power of Satan 2 will be 500 times the Hiroshima bomb which killed 140,000 people.

Most Advanced in Avoiding Detection System   

According to Russian sources, the RS-28 will have a short burning time on the rocket engine. And it will help to avoid the defence system in advance by its warning sensors.

Both the Russian and American land-based missiles have so far been dependent on taking the “shortcut” across the North Pole Basin to reach the targets. The RS-28, on the other hand, has enough range to fly via Antarctica and attack the United States from the south. And the United Nation’s missile defence system will not be able to detect. Therefore, being the most powerful missile in the world, it can also win the title of the most clever missile technology yet.

The Ultimate Doomsday Warhead Technology with Most Powerful Missile in the World

When Putin presented Satan 2 during his 2018 speech for the first time, he pulled another ace out of his sleeve.

He said, “We had to find an answer to the US missile defence, a weapon that can penetrate any defence to restore the nuclear balance,”. During his speech, the video screen behind the lectern showed an animation of a five-meter-long wedge-shaped craft that flew further from the rocket at 27 times the speed of sound. It was Avangard which is another development in nuclear warheads technology.

Avangard, a hypersonic nuclear warhead carrier

Satan 2 can carry several of these nuclear warheads. By using the lifting effect when it hits the upper atmospheric layers, the craft can almost jump on the air surface much like when you throw a fish bounce on the water. In addition to extending the range enough to attack via the southern detour, the Avangard warhead can also outmanoeuvre defence missiles.

On the other hand, the targeting accuracy has been increased from 200 meters with the predecessor SS-18 to 10 meters. But it does not have all the significance of the world. Russian media claim that a single Satan 2 can wipe out an area the size of Texas, France, or half of Norway for that matter.

According to an article published on Russian Military weekly Zvezda in 2018, Alexei Leonov, a Russian defence expert, claims that a single rocket could kill up to 37.5 million people in the United States. And Ten Satan 2 (Sarmat-28) rockets are enough to take the lives of the entire American population.

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