Ode on the Bodna

By Kamruzzaman Saif

Nowadays it is left somewhere in the brink dry,
trim, unused and gloriously inelegant,
settled on a lethargic horizontal rounded bum,
and content with the circled bulging tummy
with a spouted single nostril nose.
Listen carefully, I am exploring,
a celebrity vessel famously called,
Bodna in Bangladesh,
Lota in India and Buta in Africa.
Even Hindus, respectably use,
The holy term ‘Gangasagar’.

Think about its prior elegancy!!
From Asia to Africa,
Billions of people, used it for several actions.
Kings and Queens used to receive,
Special Bodnas, decorated, gold crusted,
and what not?
How smart the Bronze one is!!!
Though not like ‘Hand Showers’!!
But surely an ordinary glory.
May be they are still in our shelves.
Or may be out of shame,
exchanged for a western fry pan.
Imagine, if someone is content,
beneath the open sky with a plastic Bodna.
Then how will be the pleasure?
While swiping with a Bronze one!!! Or one, Akbar gently used after,
the special treat!!!
Think about, Alexander the great,
he enslaved many nations followed Bodna culture.
Then he must have experienced it secretly.
So using a Bodna,
must be a feeling of elegant pride.
Still, hundreds of millions are cleansing their butt,
And it can hold enough water to swipe any bottom,
Where ‘Hand Shower’ sometimes get vulnerable,
Imagine, an empty toilet tank,
But unconsciously your toilet is done!!
Then Bodna will support you,
or you have to do what western do.

Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist,
Frequently used Bodna for ritual ablution.
Isn’t it a total package?
You just culturally permit ‘Bear Grails’
And he will make a habit of,
eating, toileting, cooking, drinking,
with this Non-Grecian urn .
If it serves this plethora,
then Mr. West,
why do you role in the aisles?
Because of its oriental origin?
I sense your hegemonic condolence,
When British Museum takes it for granted.
New generation shrouded by cultural imperialism.
And the Bodna is the victim,
Of Mr. West`s toilet politics.

Ms. East, now decide,
you will do it yourself.
Or, let Mr. West swipe your precious butt.

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