James Bond’s ‘No Time to Die’ Comes Next Month

The long-expected James Bond’s ‘No Time to Die’ is releasing next month in the UK and October in the USA. Due to the Pandemic, everything halts at some point, and ‘No Time to Die’ producers found no time to release yet. After the bumpy ride, the movie is all set to premiere in theatres in late September for UK audiences. However, the American audience will have to wait till early October if not cancelled again. Due to the pandemic, many theatres were even shut down and let see if the new 007 finds its theatrical premiere that soon.

The latest 007 movie No Time to Die had not to have an easy road till now and the future of the release is not certain yet since the Pandemic is unpredictable. The official YouTube channel has released two trailers, the first trailer was released on December 4, 2019. Trailer number two was released on September 3, 2020.

The release date of the new Bond movie is set on 30 September in the UK. The US audience will have the opportunity to watch from 8 October 2021. Besides, the film will also run on streaming platform Paramount Plus after 45 days of theatrical release.

What to Expect in James Bond’s No Time to Die?

In this latest edition, the audience will find the World-trotting James Bond character is on a mission of rescuing a scientist kidnapped by an unknown terror. While searching for the scientist, James Bond will bump into a mysterious and ruthless villain with new dangerous technology. On the other hand, Bond will also dig into the mysterious background of the previous Bond girl Madeleine Swann.

Regarding the movie, there is plenty of information is floating around the web and now we know that this is the last sequel for the British star Daniel Craig. The dashing star first appeared as Bond back in 2006 with Casino Royal. The movie was an adaptation of Fleming’s novel with the same title. With mesmerizing characterization in his 007 appearances, Craig won the heart of billions of audiences. No Time to Die is the fifth bond film for Daniel Craig who reestablished the James Bond character’s history with a new adaptation. Since the Casino Royal, James Bond’s character has got a new form, particularly the chauvinism got a little softened.

No Time to Die Casts

Rami Malik is appearing as the mysterious villain Safin. The characterization of the Bohemian Rapsody star Malik is a villain with hyper-intelligence threatening the world with his dangerous new technology.

On the other hand, the MI6 agents, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Rory Kinnear, and Ben Whishaw all are returning. In this movie, James Bond goes off the grid and he is hired by Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright). The character is also coming back after Quantum of Solace and this is his third appearance which makes him the only person to play the character in James Bond history.

The audience will also get to see few new characters including the new 00 agents played by Lashana Lynch. She is playing the character of MI6 conveyer belt who wants to put bullets in Bond’s knee.

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