Extraction Review: Joyless Action with Bunch of Misrepresentation

Extraction is a failed attempt to portray Dhaka with an image of Somalia and Sudan. It also lost the authentic appeal of the setting and Language.

Extraction Review Summary: The recently released “Extraction” is a dolefully joyless action film with willful misrepresentation of Bangladesh which draws my attention for this review. It seems like, the fabrication of the presentation and the oriental setting is conscripted with a wilful occidental mindset. Chris Hemsworth’s Netflix adaptation showed his character a bit more than just a hammer hero of Marvel. On the other hand, despite being a Marvel movie released by Netflix, it became way less than Marvel’s film that is just based on ruthless action. On a similar note, Sam Hargrave paid very naive attention to the story itself as a director. Despite the devastating story of the co-director Joe Russo, Chris, and Randeep Hooda played a very energetic action role.

Extraction is an adaptation of the graphical novel titled Ciudad by Ande Parks. Most importantly the adapted screenplay is written by the Avengers: End Game co-director Joe Russo and co-authored by Anthony Russo, Fernando Leon Gonzalez, and Eric Skillman. This joint venture film stars Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, Randeep Hooda as Saju, Rudhraksh Jaisal as Ovi Maharjan, and Golshifteh Farahani as Nik Khan. As a Netflix original film, Extraction was released on 24 April 2020 and produced by Russo brothers, Chris Hemsworth, and others.

Extraction Plot: A Simple Story Overfloded with Action

The story starts with a schoolboy moving around with his friends in the Mumbai suburb. Ovi Maharjan played by Rudhraksh Jaiswal is the son of an imprisoned drug lord Sr. He is kidnapped during a pot-smoking event in a night club by his father’s rival Bangladeshi drug lord Amir Asif (Priyanshu Painyuli). Ovi Maharjan Sr. calls off Saju (Randeep Hooda), his chief henchmen, and appoints him for bringing back the boy.

Saju hires Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth), a black-market mercenary from Australia through Tyler’s mercenary partner Nik Khan played by Golshifteh Farahani. Since the school student, Ovi is held for ransom in Dhaka, the hired team moves to Dhaka with a team of mercenaries in a rescue mission.

During the extraction of Ovi, Tyler encounters Amir Asif’s men, a group of young adults and children. He successfully extracts with ruthless action and escapes the place. On the other hand, Saju has set the game and kills all the team members of Tyler waiting in a boat in the shore of the Buriganga River. Upon discovering Saju’s dreadful setup, Tyler escapes with Ovi and falls in the hand of Bangladeshi police and elite force which is controlled by the drug lord himself. The story continues with a nerve-racking action sequence while Tyler fights Elite force, Amir’s men, and Saju. Despite knowing the betrayal, Tyler keeps saving Ovi from the kidnappers because of his emotional father like instincts.

Both Tyler and Ovi take shelter in Gasper’s house at night, who is a former teammate of Tyler living in Dhaka. Eventually, Gasper also betrays him and set up with the powerful Pablo Escober of Dhaka. Two fights and Ovi happens to kill Gasper in order to save himself. By the morning Saju finds out Tyler and Ovi and teams up to protect Ovi and take him out of this situation. In the meantime, Bangladesh Army joins the Elite force and Police to lock down every entry and exit of Dhaka city. In a dreadful fight, Saju loses his life in a snipper shoot taken by the Colonel of Bangladeshi Elite Force who was later taken down by Nik Khan. Finally, Nik’s team rescues Ovi with the cost of Tyler’s life.

The ending scene takes part eight months later in Dhaka where Nik Khan assassinates Amir Asif in a restaurant bathroom on a traditional Bangali event. On the other hand, Ovi jumps in a pool and when he surfaces encounters Tyral standing beside the pool watching over him.

Extraction Review: An In-depth Analysis

Extraction is an action thriller that entirely depends on the brute action sequences while the story dies in the ruthless and bad plotting. Well, this might not be unexpected from a debut director who used to be a stunt coordinator. The action play can be considered as great as many other Hollywood movies yet the over-exaggeration lost the fun of the story. Besides, The depiction of Chris Hemsworth is rightfully done and he seems to be getting into new roles apart from his hammer.

The Indian actor Randeep Hooda played Saju, carries much weight but the character is not fulfilled. On the other hand, Golshifteh Farahani just got a ravishing character with mild fierceness and an affinity for Tyler that encouraged her to take revenge on the Bangladeshi Drug Lord. The central character of the movie, Ovi has played a nice role with his shy and introvert characteristics which might be the reason for Chris to become affectionate. From the emotional ground, Chris goes back and forth in a flashback where he encounters his son with a grievance.

Due to the lack of experience, the director has put reality aside and focused on the action scenes and it happened because of his being more connected with action than a story. Throughout the plot, the presentation of sequences is radically missing something very important. Most of the plots are missing clarity of the story which has to push this film being worthless on the ground of story and style. The characterization of the Bangladeshi Drug lord Amir Asif is rather lenient and does not match the in-screen description and comparison with Pablo Escober.

With this film, the reality is completely lost in the setting. The representation of Bangladesh is the worst mistake by far for Hargrave because it is completely ignorant. Well, it is better to know that films are not real yet every good director follows real locations especially for connecting to reality. This is actually the life of a film. Though there is no lack of action and fun moment yet it lost its charm due to false depiction of reality. Moreover, the greatest films follow logical scenarios, and Extraction failed in that test as well. Depiction of Dhaka with the picture of Somalia, Sudan, and South Sudan is a highly false narration of Extraction. Apparently, it looks cool to present a third world country this way but in deep it puts a western narrative on the non-western nations.

The film Extraction becomes more ludicrous when Bangladeshi Army joins the drug lords gang that Chris Hemsworth crashes single-handedly. Without even having a political involvement, Asif is able to get all those army facilities which are nothing more than a naive direction and faulty story setup. To prove the point and to scrutinize this misrepresentation, you get to look into the bottom of the purpose and I found it is nothing but just a matter of western mindset. Despite describing the setting as Dhaka, the movie actually filmed in Kolkata and some other places in Indian. On this ground, the Extraction actually missed the authenticity and put garbage on the face of the entire Bangladesh. On the point of action, Extraction is similar to the standard of Sylvester Stallion’s Rambo: The Last Blood which was an equality action-based thriller but ends up worst according to the merit of the story.

To conclude, Extraction is an action fun movie to watch and Chris Hemsworth along with his co-starts including Golshifteh Farahani and Randeep Hooda did well on the action scenes. When it comes to the storyline, it is a very simple story without any charm and the director has given a very stale focus on the emotion of the story. The representation of an entire nation, Bangladesh is rather laughable and falsely depicted. On a similar note, Sam Hargrave, the director has also failed to portray Dhaka and ends up shooting in Indian locations that lost the authentic appeal of the movie.

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