Elon Musk’s “Nuralink”, Will Connect Your Brain with Computer!!!

Is it Possible to Connect Your Brain with Computer? According to Musk one of his products will surely do that!!

Elon Musk is going to bring a Nuralink product which will make people superhuman by connecting your brain with computer. Till now this tech genius has accomplished massive success in every project he has taken and is an out of the box thinker for 21st century. The founder of Paypal, SpaceX and Tesla is now on another advancement of connecting human brain to computer which was only possible on Movies.

Elon Musk Smoking Pod on show
Smoking pot on the show

The SpaceX CEO has announced  a “Nuralink” product before he smoked weed and drank whisky on Joe Rogan’s podcast. The technology will connect human brain with computer which will increase data transfer rate to give human a better way to compete with Artificial Intelligence(AI).

“I think we’ll have something interesting to announce in a few months … that’s better than anyone thinks is possible,” and “Best case scenario, we effectively merge with AI.” He said.

“Nuralink” was founded in 2016 by Elon Musk and eight others with the vision of combining  human brain and computer like the fiction of Iain M. Banks. But Musk reported in April 2017 that “Nuralink” will make devices to cure brain diseases. In the Podcast his statement goes back again to his 2016’s vision and says that his technology will seamlessly combine human intelligence with compute able to compete with AI.

Musk thinks that AI is inevitable and people will lose control over those machines and there is no way out. As there will be AI people have to become more smart and have to have enough capability to compete with those artificial intelligence. Musk said,

“How much smarter are you with a phone or computer or without? You’re vastly smarter, actually,”You can answer any question pretty much instantly. You can remember flawlessly. Your phone can remember videos, pictures perfectly. Your phone is already an extension of you. You’re already a cyborg. Most people don’t realize you’re already a cyborg. It’s just that the data rate … the communication between you and your cybernetic extension of you that is your phone or computer, it’s slow, very slow. It’s like a tiny straw of information flow between your biological self and your digital self. We need to make that tiny straw like a giant river, a huge, high-bandwidth interface.”

Musk’s Nuralink intends to extend human capacity considering the fact that AI will take control of everything but human can have superhuman cognition for competing with those machine by connecting their brain with computer. Musk said,

“It will enable anyone who wants to have superhuman cognition,” Musk said. “Anyone who wants.”

And according to him this is the only solution that we have against those Artificial intelligence.

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