Why Bangladesh is a Good Destination For UI/UX Solutions?

For UI/UX solutions, the whole world is still dependent on western agencies and professionals. But in the near future, the present scenario might radically change. According to the present growth, Bangladesh has immense potential to become the top UI/UX destination.

Despite the potential growth initiative, the majority of company owners still hesitate to invest in UI/UX design. Yet as industries mature, UI/UX design is working at the forefront of digital product design.

But think, when companies understand the importance of a good UI/UX design, the market size is going to be huge.

Along with the other prospects of IT sectors, Bangladesh is a wonderful destination for UI/UX solutions. And this growth potential is stable because of its skilled workforce and affordable cost.

What is UI/UX?

To simply put, UX stands for “user experience” where UI is “User Interface”. Both these strategic aspects of product design and development co-exist to provide a better experience for end-users.

Donald Norman coined the term UX and says, “User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-users interaction with the company, its services, and its products.” (Source: NNGroup)

On the other hand, UI (User interface) is an aspect that considers the look, feel, and interactivity that enhances customer satisfaction.  

Bangladesh: The Next IT Hub of the World

For the last few decades, Bangladesh has seen significant economic growth. Moreover, she is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world with a 7.86% annual GDP growth.

According to HFS Research Ltd. “It is expected to be the second-fastest-growing economy in the world going forward.”

Some reasons that taking Bangladesh forward as an IT Hub:

The same report states that more than 80 million people are around 25 years old.

Besides, there are 165.5 million verified mobile phone users and a significant number of youths have access to advanced technologies. (Source: Statista)

As a significant growth indicator, more than 20,000 computer students graduate every year from various institutions. (Source: The Business Standard)

In an effort to boost the economy, the government-led “Digital Bangladesh” initiative made Bangladesh a lucrative destination for IT development.

Bangladesh as IT Hub

And most importantly, the cost of a quality workforce in information technology is way more affordable than most of the other competitors.

All these factors are pushing Bangladesh forward into an IT-based economy. As Bangladesh moves more into the digital space, other sectors such as UI/UX will catch on to the growth standard.   

The Future of UI/UX Design in Bangladesh

UI/UX solutions are one of the most important aspects of digital product design. And it has a good future in Bangladesh for some obvious reasons. The followings are the reasons why Bangladesh is a good destination for UI/UX solutions:

UI/UX Solutions at Affordable Cost

The affordable cost is one of the most driving factors for the growth of the UI/UX sector in Bangladesh.

When we look into the global market, the USA remains one of the top destinations for UI/UX solutions. But the cost is increasing rapidly. In the United States of America, UI/UX designers earn an average of $97,153 while in Bangladesh it’s only $8,561. (Source: UX Designer Salaries)

The increasing cost around the world is a major factor, international companies are looking for an alternative. With cost and many other factors in mind, Bangladesh is becoming a lucrative destination for UI/UX solutions.

Growth of IT Industry Fuels UI/UX Solutions

As we have discussed earlier, Bangladesh is stepping into a new era of digital innovation. Thus the demand for UI/UX professionals is on the rise.

Due to tech startups and digital product export hikes, the domestic market demands more UI/UX designers as well. Therefore, the industry is educating UI/UX designers to support the current growth. As a result, this workforce will be an asset to further development in the industry.

Increasing Number of Freelancers

Developed nations like the US, UK, and Australia is outsourcing from Bangladesh. And UI/UX design solution is on the rise among other skills.

According to a report by Oxford Internet Institute, Bangladesh is the second-largest internet labor supplier in the world. Currently, Bangladesh has more than 50,0000 active freelancers where UI/UX designers are of notable numbers.

Along with many other IT-related skills, freelancers around the nation are preparing for UI/UX design skills.  

Rapid Growth of Digital Infrastructure

In order to boost countries’ economies, the government has taken various initiatives to build a sustainable digital infrastructure.

To ease digital growth, the government provides numerous benefits to IT companies. In response to improve the digital environment, the government is also educating a significant number of UI/UX designers every year.

Better Investment Opportunities

Last but not the least, there is a better investment opportunity in the digital space. It will create a good environment for both investors and professionals. Thus, it will bring more opportunities for UI/UX sector as well.

Better investment in Bangladesh as destination for UIUX solution

As part of the nation’s future policy, IT is the growth engine for Bangladesh. Keeping that in mind, the government is supporting foreign investments. As investment increases, important sectors like UI/UX design will be improved.

To keep up with international companies there will be a lot of competition. And with the tension of being out of the game, most companies will focus on UI/UX design solutions. Because it will eventually create a better environment for the entire industry.

To conclude, Bangladesh has a huge potential in the IT sector. But among all the segments UI/UX solutions can drive a major profit. The low-cost workforce, growing number of freelancers, digital infrastructure development, and foreign investment are some of the reasons Bangladesh is already a good destination for UI/UX solutions.    

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