The plague of plastic In Europe, Illegal Dumping Have Become Common

New Plague: In Europe, Illegal Plastic Dumping Have Become Common

One of the great problems generated by the massive consumption of plastic materials is that of the tons that accumulate in the oceans and that remain for decades without their destruction being...
Effects of Climate change on Biodiversity

The Severe Effects of climate change on Biodiversity

When we talk about climate change, we mean climate change on a global scale, over time. And how do we know that there was variation in the characteristics of a...
simple action to reduce global warming

6 Simple Actions from Individuals Can Reduce Global Warming

In order to fight global warming, the world’s richest nations constantly organize summits, sign agreements, and invest millions of Euros so that we can secure our and our upcoming generation’s future.
Venice During corona

A Lasting Positive Effect of COVID-19 on Environment_

The deadly Pandemic COVID-19 has struck the world pretty hard and forced into a global lockdown. It is sending thousands of people to graveyards every day. Not to doubt that Corona...