Emotionally Dependent People’s Happiness is Based on Their Partners

Would you say that you have psychological well-being in your life? Happiness is something resilient and sometimes hardly understandable. Therefore, you get to think for a moment what makes you feel...
What does a real man do in a relationship

9 Things a Man with Strong Personality Will Do In a Relationship

The definition of a man with strong personality may vary from person to person, but there are still certain qualities that are found in each of them and that can help you...
Why do Men Suffers Worse Than Women in Breakup

Why do Men Suffer Worse Than Women in Breakup?

Some relationships end in violent arguments, others in tears, and some are in contests of insults. In short, a breakup is never very beautiful and it can be harder to bear than the bonus performances.
Negative Effect of Smartphone and decadence of Relationship and Health

How Smartphones Affected Our Life, Relationship, and Health?

The Smartphone as we know it today has imposed itself in our daily lives. Wherever we go, our Smartphone goes with us, at work, at leisure time, on vacation even in our...
How to be happy. an women is happy

How To Be Happy: Modesty and Broken Pattern Bring Happiness

How to be happy? This is one of the most unresolved questions of this century. If you are also searching for this answer, be...
Key to happiness when you are among others

Ultimate Key to Happiness for Staying Happy with People Around You

Remember, key to happiness are all within us. Therefore, no one can make us happy until we chose to be happy. Have you ever thought about your...
Mark Twain quotation

Is it Worth Arguing with Illogical People? If not, What Should You do?

Engaging in argument is a basic part of the most consistent human behavior. And we often argue with illogical people who are unlikely to believe what you have to say, even though you are...